Sprawling green plum garden spanning over 1,500 acres

Located in Lutian Town, Conghua District

The Plum Garden is located on a high mountain 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep mountains.

Mountain spring water flows from the top of the mountain, nurturing every plum.

Due to sufficient sunshine hours, abundant land and water resources

The green plums grown have thin skin, thick flesh, moderate sweetness and sourness, and are fine and juicy.

Discover the Flavor of Our 1,000 Acres Litchi Garden.

Next to Shimen National Forest Park

The lychee garden, which is also located in a high mountain, uses the source of Liuxi River to irrigate each lychee.

Select the "Guifei" cinnamon-flavored lychee variety among lychees

Coupled with the unique ecological environment,

The result is a lychee with thick flesh, small core, crystal clear, sweet and juicy fruit, and a light fragrance of osmanthus.