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Lychee Ice Wine

Lychee Ice Wine

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Shelf life: 3 years Net content: 375 ml Alcohol: 12% vol

Process characteristics: The mountain fresh litchi conghua as raw material, litchi after

sorting, cleaning shell to nuclear, pressing, cold clear after processing, such as

separation take its clear fluid, the frozen concentrate, improve their material

concentration, fermentation temperature control, tank, cryogenic storage wine,

clarification, allocate, frozen, aseptic membrane filtration, filling to the finished

product, a total of 16 working procedure.

Product description: 0 essence, pigment, 100% fresh fruit fermentation, in bright

color of yellow, rich in flowers and honey fragrance, taste sweet round, fruity,

aftertaste with liquorice and a long finish.

The best temperature for consumption: 10-14 ℃

Drinking method: as the wine to drink after dinner; Effect of cold, add soda drink


Food pairing: seafood (lobster, crab, oysters, figured out), white chicken, after eating

wine, with a variety of desserts, such as: pie, cake and cookies

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