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QiaoMei Plum Wine - MCLIEG

QiaoMei Plum Wine - MCLIEG

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Net content: 330ml Alcohol: 9%vol Shelf life: 5 years

Process characteristics:Use flow river edge conghua pium as the raw material with

high quality, from the picking, sorting, cleaning, into the pot, fermentation, separation,

storage aging, balanced distribution, stable processing, aseptic filtration and filling to

the finished product, a total of 12 process meticulously brewed.

Product description: apricot, fruit, flowers, elegant, mei xiang, minerals, sour and

sweet and tasty, acid bright and clean, fragrant bouquet carrying green plum aroma,

with golden bright, pure and full bodied, again through the tip of the tongue, into the

throat, beaded wine is sweet, like the breeze of the night, cool and pleasant.

The best temperature for consumption: 10-14 ℃

Drinking method: ice, mix or join a cocktail of soda drink better

Food pairing: seafood, crayfish, hot pot, Japan, roast pork, roast meat, barbecued

spareribs, barbecued pork, roast goose, fish

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